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BMW F 650 GS and F 650 GS Dakar

The BMW 650 GS range is a robust off-road touring bike. It is light and easy to handle.

It comes in the normal BMW F 650 GS and also the BMW F 650 GS Dakar.

The Dakar range is more suitable for serious off-road work. The Dakar features a 21 inch front wheel as opposed to the 19 inch front wheel of the normal GS. It also has long travel suspension and taller tinted windscreen that can be easily removed for off-road tracks. But the screen is rather useless due to the angle it was fitted. If you buy one of these bikes you will most probably have to fit an aftermarket screen. I cannot believe that a company who has been building touring bikes for so long can fit such a crappy screen.

The natural high riding position of the Dakar makes it more suitable for taller riders.

The F650GS range has been updated in 2005. And in late 2007 the new 2008 model F650GS and F800GS were launched.

BMW 650 GS manual

Haynes Workshop Manual for the BMW F650GS range.

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Manual also available for the BMW F800 (included F650) twin models, click here to get the manual for the twins

The F 650 GS. Fully equipped with tank bag, side panniers and top box (click image for 1024 background image)

BMW Motorcycle

The 2005-2007 BMW Dakar

In 2005 the F650GS and Dakar had a face lift. Most of it is cosmetic. The only major mechanical difference is that the new 650 GS and 650 GS Dakar now features a double spark plug which mainly helps to reduce emissions and not really contribute to performance. It has lower higher torque at lower revolutions than the older version.

Both the normal GS and Dakar versions are available with ABS and heated grips as optional extra factory fitted features.

BMW 650 Dakar

The older BMW F650 GS Dakar (click image for 1024 background image)

BMW Dakar motorcycle
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Some pics of my Dakar

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