BMW motorcycle dakar

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BMW F 650 GS Dakar



I bought my 2006 BMW Dakar in October 2007.

Here are some photographs.

Collected her In Cape Town. Here we arrived home.

Everybody at my Hilux forum was asking for photographs, so I took these at the West Coast National Park:

In March 2008 I fitted a new extended screen and steel pillion footpegs.
The screen has been provided by Johan at

Extended Screen
Extended screen for 650 BMW Dakar

Dakar Steel Pillion Foot Pegs
Steel Pillion foot pegs for BMW 650 Dakar

Stealh Sprocket with DiD X-Ring Chain

Stealth Sprocket for BMW Dakar

The Dakar now looks like this
BMW 650 Dakar

First trip on Dakar